Monday, July 26, 2010

So what is ReClaimed ReStored???

Today is the day I am going "public" with ReClaimed Restored.It's been in the making for a while, so what is it???? ReClaimed ReStored is a furniture restoration business. We will be offering ReClaimed and ReStored furniture at great prices. We will be offering a few options. I LOVE to shop so we will offer Restored pieces ready for the taking. These pieces will be completely ready to come live with you. Another option will be our ReClaimed pieces. These will be pieces that we have ReClaimed but not ReStored yet. With these pieces the possibilities are endless. You will be able to choose colors, glazes, and finishing touches. I will help you pick all of this out from the color to the hardware. Our third option will be our Restored spots. Do you have a great piece of furniture that just needs a facelift. We will be offering monthly spots to reStore your pieces. Again with this option we will walk you through picking out all your colors and such. We have tonsof ideas for your pieces. To contact me please email me at You can follow this journey by "following" us through the blog or on facebook. Please allow us a little grace, I am pretty computer challenged:) I will be documenting pieces as they go through the process of be ReStored. If you check out our pictures on Facebook there is a before and after section as well as what is available. We look forward to seeing where this goes!!!!


  1. Best wishes in all that you do. I know you'll be GREAT!!! :)


  2. What fun! I am working on something similar- and am loving every minute of it! Best wishes to you!