Friday, August 13, 2010

It found a friend!

The aqua dresser I mean! The sweetest lady bought the dresser a week or so ago. When she came to pick it up she dropped off this cabinet and a desk.

The cabinet/side table is going to be in the same room so we opted for the same color and glaze. I love how it turned out!! It is so cute now! Forgive me for the sad pictures, I just snapped them in a hurry during nap time!

We have been so busy this week. I can't believe how fast all of this has taken of. It is amazing how Facebook has spread the word. Another fun project this week was a great chair. It has made me want to redo my dinning room. I am just going to have to learn how to not let my wants hurt me. I picked this chair up a couple weeks back. I just could not help myself any more I had to paint it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall

I am a little heart broken today! I was at one of the shops I frequent today. I had spotted this great antique dresser in PERFECT shape. I had a total lapse in judgement that day. It was raining cats and dogs and I had the baby with me. In a totally stupid decision I decided to not pick it up that day. I know you already know where the story is going. Today I go back and it's gone. I actually had called yesterday and the lady said it was gone. While I was out today I decided to see for myself. Note to self when you see something you love, buy it. Now my poor kitchen still does not have an island for the remodel. I had planned to by this dresser and put a granite top on it. Oh well, on to the next.

Today's trip was not all in vain however. We (my 20 month old and 7 month baby and I ) found a great mirror. It is a honkin piece. I think I almost gave myself a hernia getting it out of the car! I am stoked about it. I think it could go a few ways as far as color. I can see super shabby chic or really clean like a black. Either way it is such a sweet piece.

Back to Betsy for a second. Who knew she would be loved so much. I mean I love her but I didn't know how many others would. Betsy potentially found a home. I just need to take care of her single issue. Thanks for all of your support in our new venture!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny how you get attached!

We found this dresser a few weeks back and I knew it needed to be aqua! I blogged about it a week or so back and how it was a nightmare of a day. But in the end it turned out to be so beautiful. Last night it found it's forever home. It was so bitter sweet. It did not match my living room in anyway but I loved it. I have my eye on another dresser that I may paint the same color! And use in the future remodel of our kitchen as an island We will see. It's so funny how I have gotten attached to a few pieces. I am going to have to be super careful to not be seen on the next episode of Hoarders.

I love this little pie crust table. My mom keeps saying They were a "dime a dozen" when my parents got married. Well then for pete's sake why can't I come across another one? This table has been super comical. I had it listed on my favorite site Craigslist.
I had it listed a few days and in that time three people contacted me to buy it that I knew. I was not listed with the business name, so it was totally random. It was a piece that has had sooo much interest. I wish I could find a few more! So if any of you know a grandma or old Aunt that has one, let me know!

We have so many pieces coming up! I took in two new custom pieces last night. They are going in the same room with the aqua dresser. I will be posting them soon. I am just waiting on the go ahead for colors to get started!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is Betsy!

And I love her! The sad part is she is single and homeless! I am working on the single part. I am shopping for the loves of her life. Four chairs!!!! I am thinking two set of two chairs. She is to cute to be stuck with four boring chairs!

This is her in primer! I can't quite nail down a direction to go until she has some chairs. The great thing about "Betsy" is she is super flexible. She could be extended to seat 4 maybe 6. Or "Betsy" could be used as an entry way table. Better yet in a small space like an apartment she could be both. What more could you ask of a girl! Here is a picture of her extended.

Aren't you starting to love her too??? I think it's funny that I have fallen in love and named a table. Pretty comical in my book! Back to "Betsy" and her homeless situation. If you or someone you know is willing to take in a girl off the streets let me know!!! I promise she's a pretty awesome gal!!!